Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eclipse Mylyn WikiText Rich Editor for Wiki Markups

This blog is intended to track the progress of my Google Summer of Code 2010 project with Eclipse Foundation. The Project name is Rich Editor for Wiki Markups. This project is carried out with collaboration with Eclipse Mylyn Project and the final product will be contributed back to WikiText sub project of the Eclipse Mylyn. The project mentor is Mr. David Green who works as a committer for Eclipse Mylyn and he is the project lead of the WikiText project. I will be working with him this summer to make this project successful. This is the initiation of the project work and from here onward I will be adding my work to this blog and Eclipse Wiki to track the progress. Before the end i would like to thank all the Eclipse mentors who are working hard to make the Eclipse Soc program successful and my special thank goes to Mr. David Green, Mr. Steffan Pingel and Dr. Mik Kersten of Eclipse Mylyn as well as Mr. Scott Lewis- ECF project lead for all the help and guidance you all are providing me. Thanks a lot.